Monday, May 30, 2016

First Camping Trip - May 29-30

Mama: Hey, we just got back from a camping trip. Your very FIRST camping trip. Did you have a good time?
Jasper. Yes! Hmm. Um. He wants a toy.
Mama: Well. Tell me, what was your favorite thing about camping?
Jasper. Hmm. The door.
Mama: You liked the tent door? The swinging door?
Jasper. No.
Mama: Well, what then? What did you like best?
Jasper. Hmm. Um. He wants a little square.
Mama: You are not making any sense. Did you like the campfire?  Did you like going on a walk? Did you like peeing outside? Did you like sleeping in a tent? Did you like it when it rained? What was your favorite part?
Jasper. Hmm. Um.. He wants a little rectangle.
Mama: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Did you like your sleeping bag?
Jasper. YES!
Mama: That was your favorite part? The sleeping bag and mattress?
Jasper. Yes! Hmm. Um. (I didn't type it.) HMM, UM. (looks at me pointedly) 
Mama: You don't have to say Hmm Umm every time.
Jasper. HMM, UMM.
Mama: (types hmm umm)
Mommy: Jasper, did you like touching that fish?
Jasper: Yes!
Mommy: Did you like playing baseball?
Jasper. Yes!
Mama: What did you NOT like? What was a bad thing about camping?
Jasper:  What starts with "buh, buh?"
Mama: I do not know.
Jasper: It Was A Bad Day.
Mama: Jasper, that is a book. We are talking about camping. Okay, we're done. Go away.
Jasper: NO!
Mama: Then tell me, what do you think about camping?
Jasper: Can you spell Hmm? ( I type it) Can you spell Um? (I type it, he walks away and plays Cinderella movie)

P.S. Read about the camping trip here.

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